You know….. Someday really came. To be fair, I never believed in love. I thought I was made to be alone. Of course I had crushes before, even though some of them liked me back, I was never ready to be with them. Sometimes I felt incredibly stressed out and just wanted someone to care. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a loving family; they are just too busy to deal with my problems or insecurities, so I keep them for me. And that’s totally okey…. But at night I can’t handle all off this things anymore on my own, alone. I thought of going to one of these boys, just to have someone to talk to. But soon, when the sun came out again I realized how wrong this would be. You should just be with someone if there is love, not for a purpose. I cried a lot and had a hard time, all I wanted was a shoulder to lean on. My best friend tried her best to make me feel happy again. So, she often asked me to go out with her. I don’t like parties ( I live on the country side, so they are not the yellow of the egg). I prefer staying at home with a good book and my favourite tea. But distractions would help me, that’s what I thought. But actually it made me just feel really tired, mentally and physically. So I was not able to think anymore. I started to suck at school, about one month before my final exams. I can tell, that’s not exactly what parents want to see.
But that day really changed my life. I was on the dance floor, lost, I don’t know how to dance, just trying to copy the dance moves of others. And there he was. He stood there, I kept starring at him, it was like all of the lights were shining on him. I walked past him and he just stood there. In my mind I had already said goodbye to him and the future family I had already pictured in my head. But he held my jacket and pulled me back, hey, that’s what he said, wanna drink something? I smelled the alcohol. Na, I don’t like this drunk cunts… He followed me off the dance floor out of the club to my car. I said he could leave now, because I definitely will. I offered him a ride home, he accepted. I dropped him off in front of his house, he gave me a kiss on the neck and left.

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The day after, I realized he remember all of the little things I told him about me, that’s also how he managed to get my number, after he asked a ton of people. He convinced me to meet up, because he wanted to show me, that he isn’t the boy I thought he was, a drinking jerk. And he was right.
Today I’m so thankful, that my friend forced me to go out that night. He now is my boyfriend, and our relationship is better than I could have ever thought of.

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