I think It s apart of human nature .., who don't wanna hear " you are important " or " you mean a lot " ? I know you Cannot fix someone by just telling them nice words , or how important they are ! But for sure that could feel them better !
Tell them they are important !
Your partner , your family , your friends , someone you just meet ! Let them know that they are important ! We need to know we matter ! We need to know we are important !
Maybe you can do it, you can get to a place where you care for yourself enough to be able to validate your own importance instead of seeking it from others, But you are worthy to being taken care of . Is that hard to tell someone He matter ? He made an impact on the world by being alive ? His actions and inactions have influence the word ? His smiles have made others happy ? His words have others feel ?
Yes. You do matter. There doesn't have to be a reason why you're here and that you matter, only that you are and you do. No one else gets to decide your value but we still need someone to reaffirm how important we are . Yes ! Literally everyone who has ever existed has changed the world, no matter how big or small. Just your existence has changed lives for others.
We love you. The world needs you. You're not here to take up space. You're here to live a beautiful life and you can do it on your terms.