Hello, so this is the 2nd part of my Dream Body plan articles.
Since people enjoyed the Part 1 [Bubble but plan (you can check it out at my profile if you are interested)] our next step is the abdominal area.

Here we go ladies!

No matter what's your body type, you should include this to your daily routine, and trust me, you will see results on you, faster than you think.

First of all. Let's clarify some things.
70% is what you eat, and 30% exercise. So no matter how hard you work, if your eating habbits are bad, then you won't see that fast the results.

So before the workout, we're going to talk about Eating.

tip1 : eating less won't make you lose weight

Eat :
1) Almonds and Other Nuts, it helps you build muscle and reduce cravings.

2) Beans and legumes it helps you build muscle, helps to burn fat, and regulates digestion.

3) Spinach and/or other green vegetables

4) Dairy Products
(Fat-Free Or Low-Fat Milk, Yogurt, Cheese)
It fires up weight loss

5) Instant Oatmeal
(Unsweetened, Unflavored)
It Boosts energy, reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels.

6) Eggs They build muscle, and burn fat! So eat eat eat them!

7) Turkey and Other Lean Meats Build muscle, strengthens the immune system

8) Sweet awesome peanut Butter Are you suprised yet? It Builds muscle, and burns fat!

9) Olive oil Include it in your daily routine. Add in salad, fried eggs. Avoid the butter, instead use oil.

10) Whole-Grain Breads And Cereals it prevents the body from storing fat

11) This one is at the top list, Whey Protein. Burns fat and creates super muscle mass, also fights obesity.

If you include these super foods in your daily routine, and replace the trash food with some of the above you actually prefer, then trust me, having a flat belly, tight and strong, will be too easy for you.

So we're heading to the exercise part! Guaranteed. Worked on me, a lazy ass person,
and Trust me, I can't gain easily muscle mass, cause of my bodytype. So if it happened to me, it can happen to you too.

Here we go babs.

First of all, you can do crunches every single day, BUT give a break to them, at least one day a week, and after four weeks give yourself a week break.

Let's go.

Do your warm up, do your stretches <- IMPORTANT (if you want to do exercises for other parts of your body, like arms, or legs, or glutes, do them first) and After these, do Crunches.

EXERCISE No.1 Knee Crunches
Lay down, put your legs on the wall, create 90 degrees between your legs.
and do crunches by putting your hands on your chest, not behind your head.
don't expand too far, just a little, and squeeze your upper abdominal area, on your way up.
1 set 20 reps, on the last rep hold for 5 seconds.

Rest: 30 seconds. (if you're a begginer, hold a rest of 1 minute.)

EXERCISE No.2 Reverse Crunches
Lay down, completely, and just bring your legs up to the skyyy. Like a candle. Straight. And push your pelvis area on the top, (give it help with your hands to hold steady)
1 set 20 reps. or 2x10.

Rest: 30 seconds.

As you are laying supinely, bring your legs straight up like a candle, and try to reach your feet with your hands.
1 set 20 reps.

Rest: 30 Seconds.

EXERCISE No.4 Scissor Kicks
As you are laying supinely, bring your upper body around 30cm from the ground
and lift your legs just as much so they wont be touching the floor, and try to get your whole body in a straight line, put your hands behind your butt, to hold steady, and twist your legs for 40 seconds on air by squeezing your abs at that time, and after 40 seconds, relax and rest for 30 seconds.
2x40 seconds

EXERCISE No.5 Leg raises.
Raise your legs to the point of 90 degrees, completely straight, and when you bring them down, don't touch the ground.
Do 20 reps x 3 sets.

rest 30 seconds.

EXERCISE No.6 Mason Twists
Lower your back, closer to the ground, hold your legs steady, and twist your upper body to each sides, (you can include weight too) do not move your legs, just your upper body.
20 reps per side x 2 sets.

rest 30 seconds.

EXERCISE No. 7 cycling cross crunches
Imagine yourself like youre having a reversed bike, and twist your body simultaneously with your legs, left leg, right arm. bring them together, like they're about to kiss.
squeeze ur belly, don't forget.
1x20 reps.

rest 30 seconds.

EXERCISE No.8 heel touches
Try to reach your heels, doing 10 reps each side, and when you're done hold for 5 seconds.
1 set

rest 30 seconds

And final

EXERCISE No.9 Plank.

Make your body look like a board. Keep it in a straight line facing the floor. Create an equal distance between your hands and don't expand your butt too out, neither too in. Keep in a straight line
Hold as long as you can. If you're a begginger, try for 30 seconds. If you're advanced, hold for 50-60 seconds.


BUT It's important to follow after the crunches, the dorsal training.

Lay bruise, lift your upper body and your lower body, like youre the superman, but hold your hands on the air behind your head, in 90 degrees, facing the ground.
Pulse pressing yourself 40-50 times.

Stretch your legs after these, and you're done.

They may seem a lot, but after they become your daily routine, It will be a funny game for you, you'll be doing it without even having to look at the program, and it will be entertaining for you as you will be seeing results! trust me, results will come, as soon as you workout, drink a lot of water, and eat well. :)

Studying as trainer, and helped a lof of people to achieve their goal.
Have fun! thanks for reading, and stay motivated!