Every single day we wake up and ask over selves "What if things were different?"
Just imagine, what if your life right now, at this moment was completely different?
What if you weren't studying for your degree right now?
What if you weren't in a relationship?
What if you wer travelling the world right now and not sitting behind a desk?
What if you were super fit and going on 5k runs every morning?

What if you were sitting there right now, reading this post and imagining your life to be completely different simply because you question yourself about the little thing?

Stop it! You are only putting yourself down. The way your life is right now is the way it's meant to be, and if you're not happy with it, don't just sit there and say "What if..?", get up and change it because if you really think about it, the only person who has power over your life is YOU!

We are the only thing standing in our way of living our lives exactly the way we want it!