I would like to talk about some things. Some things that took me 19 years to understand and realize, and some tough times, like everyone lives in a lifetime. My story is my story, my life is my life, and yours is definitely different. But these things I would like to talk about, kind of changed my life the day, or the time I realized them.
I say the day I realized them, but actually it's not matters of days. Most of them took me months and months, years sometimes to understand them.
I have to say, also, that understanding something is a part. Accepting something is just as difficult. But it's part of the process of evolving and growing up to a better, more aware person.

First of all, something that seems obvious, but I realized that so many people don't do it, never.
You DESERVE it. You deserve that good things happen to you, you deserve to succeed in what you do, if you do what it takes for it to happen. I mean, if you want to pass your exams, but don't study, don't expect it to work as you want. (It is a basic and non-original example, but the most concrete to begin). Nevermind, know that you deserve the best for you. This is an important point. You are as worthy as everyone. No matter what you look, wich color you are, wich religion you believe in, or everything. No matter what others says. I think that everyone who respect others deserve the best in what they do. And you should think the same for you. You deserve it.

You have to BELIEVE. Believe in your dreams, in what you want to do and, most important, in what you're doing. I swear it makes a difference. I'm not necessary talking about self-confidence, feeling good with your body, appearance, etc... Believing in what you're doing doesn't neccessary implies that kind of confidence. There is so many people that do things, but don't believe in them. So many people just ruin things mentally before it even begins. Because of fear, of doubt. They don't have the capacities, they are too bad at it, why would it work, etc... It happened to me so many times when I was younger, to wonder what I had more than others to succeed and reach my dreams. And guess what? I have nothing more. Nothing but maybe hope, dreams, courage and will to reach them. I've read a quote once, that inspires me everyday: Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will. I believe in that.

I met a girl in high school, we had our oral exams in our second languages (German for me, Spanish for her, we are French). I'm terrible at German. So I wrote little text on subjects we were asked about and learned them by heart to have a decent mark. There was one that I knew way better than the two others. So before the exam, I just imagined myself talking about the subject I knew the most. I just thought things would happen like this. And they did. This girl I was talking about was so stressed, so afraid of picking the ones she didn't wanted. That's what happened. The difference between me and her: I thought hard to the best situation for me, she thought to the worst one.
You may not really follow me on this point. It seems too easy. Just thinking about things, and they happen. That's not what I'm saying. I prepared myself to face the worst situation. I learned also the other texts. I didn't sat here, just praying for the best. The several times I just tried to figure out the best and just trust in my capacities without doing anything else to succeed, I failed. You have to make what you can to make things happen. But by putting yourself in a good state of mind, you attract better things. Believe me or not,

Action/knowlege/capacities + faith in you + good state of mind = Perfect addition

Another important thing. Believe in you and your capacities, but KNOW where are your weaknesses. By knowing them, you will avoid to put yourself in useless stressful situation. For example, regarding my terrible logic in science, I didn't choose studies in a scientific subject. This is just not for me, and I know it. I have other capacities that I can use, just as you. Learn your weaknesses and your strengh, know your fears. Accept them. This will be helpful all your life. I've seen many friends that wanted to please their parents or fit in some kind of "norm", and that chose directions in their lives that were just not matching who they were, their personnality.

Now, let's talk about the next point: "You say you have to believe and do everything to make things happen. But what if I did and it didn't work? What if I fail even if I give everything I have to reach my goals?"
This one took me soooo much time to accept and understand.
I realized that sometimes you want something so badly. You pray all the time for it, you try to do anything for it. But in the end, nothing. It doesn't work.
I've actually understand that sometimes, if something just don't work or don't happen no matter what you do, it's because it's BETTER like this. Most of time, you realize why some time after. Months, years. Sometimes, you'll never know. It just didn't work.
It happened to me some times, to really want something that didn't come. Years after, I realized it was because of my state of mind, that didn't allowed these things to happen. Or it was because of how my life was at that moment. It couldn't welcome the things I wanted, not at that time. There was no place for it, or it didn't fit with how I was living.
Sadly, this is the kind of things you can barely take conscience as long as you are in it.
Then one day, what you wanted happen, and you realize what has changed to make it possible. Or, second option, that you wanted never happen, and you know later why, or not. Just know that it's for a reason.
Know also that some things require some change from you to be possible. Change in your state of mind, or in your life. Sometimes, you know what to change, but you can't at the moment. Just accept it. It will come later.

After 19 years, I also learned to ACCEPT tough times. They are a transition between one state to another. I know that sometimes they are terrible depending on what you are living. You cry. You feel empty, lonely. You don't have any hope anymore for future. You've lost someone you love. So many things. It is hard to do, hard to say. But try to take what's positive on it. Or if you can't at the moment, because it is too hard, like in the case of a person you love is dead, do it after, when it will be over. Take time to let go of things that just makes you heavy and stop you from flying. See a psychologist if necessary. They can be really helpful. Realize the strengh you took from this situation, if nothing else can be taken from it. There is always the sun above the clouds. Taking what's good in your past and letting it go is the best thing you can do.

Last thing, so many people dream about stuffs, lives they want to live, things they want to do, but never do anything to reach them.
Take your courage, your strengh, your fear.
And go. Your life is all about you, and the choices you make.