The weather outside looks cold, cloudy sky gives a rather sad appearance in the city of Busan in Korea. Taehyung is on the road since last night, his affairs in the back seat of his old Ford Mustang. He may be acquiring this house two months ago, but he had decided to leave the night before without anyone's knowledge..ah yes the concierge of the building knew, but it's not like anyone was coming to get him, these last few days nobody cared about him.

He knows it was coward of him to be gone without warning but who would care? nobody wanted to be near him and honnestly it's was okay. it was hard for him to reject people and he just wanted to be alone.
Alone with his guilt.

He finally reach the street from his new home. thirty meters fifteen meters ... five meters. Arrived in front of his driveway, he stopped his car and put the handbrake. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door of his car, his bag in hand and headed home. He heard leaves crunching under his feet and the sound of his breathing in the air when he notices the house. She seem to need a bit of work. Paint is cracking, plants have invaded the walls, and faded leaves adorn the ground hiding his eyes the grass under his feet.

At the door, he turns back to look at the garden.
Now it was his home.++

Taehyung has finished climbing the stairs to finally open his new bedroom. The first thing he notices is that it's dark. White sails are on the furniture and the light enters only through the holes of a damaged component. He removes the veil that covers an antique desk near the door, and deposits his bag carelessly passing . Advancing to the window, he opens it and before he managed to grabit ,the blue shutters falls and smashes in front of his door.

A new thing to repair.
Loud child's cry from the street made him look up to them. It has to be the children of his neighbors, a child of ten years and one not exceeding fifteen. They started to have fun, when the biggest of the two refuses to give the ball. the second one jumps to take it back but he was too small. He feels a nostalgic smile to his lips and when he takes account, he looked away.
Returning to his first goal, he turns to look at the light illuminating the room somewhat old, it would need to be decorated, but it can wait.

He will have to settle his affairs now.