I'm an actual hoe for the 80's. Even though I never actually got to LIVE the 80's, at least a tonne of amazing films have been left in the era's wake to remind myself that there were indeed generations that were totally banging, where music and movies were still good, and Jake Paul was non-existent...

1.) Ferris Bueller's Day Off

ferris bueller's day off, movie, and 80s image
Let's just say that i've tried to "recreate" having a Bueller day off at least 8 times this school term...

2.) The Outsiders

Abusive image
We can only hope that Ponyboy stayed gold...also there are that many hot men in this film, that my eyes honestly don't know where to look.

3.) Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

keanu reeves, bill and ted, and alex winter image
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are gorgeous in this film. Not to mention it's a totally bodacious film.

4.) Stand By Me

1980s, river phoenix, and wil wheaton image
Holy heck. This movie gives me so many feels. RIP River Phoenix.

5.) The Lost Boys

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Once again, a totally extremely attractive cast, and a bomb ass plot line.

6.) Heathers

winona ryder, Heathers, and cigarette image
Need I say more? The amount of teen angst in this film makes me cheery.

7.) Dream A Little Dream

1980s, 80s, and gif image
I mean, there's better 80's movies out there, BUT Corey Haim is precious, and this movie is so uplifting and wholesome for me.

8.) Footloose

dance, film, and friendship image
This movie made me want to become a professional dancer for a literal year...A YEAR!

9.) Toy Soldiers

wil wheaton, toy soldiers, and sean astin image
Two Words. Wil Wheaton. I mean technically this move WAS actually released in 1991...but it gives me major 80's feels so who cares.

10.) Back To The Future

Back to the Future, marty mcfly, and dog image
This movie was the first 80's movie I remember ever watching. 'Twas the start of my obsession with all things 80's.

So yeah, I can't think of any more of my favourites off of the top of my head right now, but when I do i'll definitely make a part II.