I was laying in my bed and I knew I was going to sleep but I tried to wake myself up since I had bunch of things to do. Unfortunately, it was too late. I was already in a dream world.

Suddenly, I found myself in an unbelievable tall building. I knew it was tall not because I could see it from the outside, but because I was trying to get away from "something evil" by using its elevator, which has almost 5-digit number of floors. At one floor, a very tall,bulky woman came in. She looked so familiar, I knew her from somewhere from the world I was sleeping. At that point, I was still aware of the fact that I was dreaming. All of a sudden, my tooth fell off. I felt embarrassment since this woman was with me and I looked at her hoping she did not see what just happened. To my surprise, she was already looking at me but at the same time, she was laughing like crazy. Somehow she found this this incident funny. I told her "it is a bad omen to loose a tooth in one's dream and when I wake up, I am going to do something about it." She did not understand what I was saying and I made a poor explanation that this world was all in my head. She replied "Maybe you have schizophrenia". I still insisted to explain it to her. And we came to the bottom floor, which I recall, looked like some kind of car-wash place. When she tried to leave, I panicked because I didn't want to be left alone. So, I made a couple of steps out of the elevator but something was telling me she was going to die in there and I walked back. The elevator's door was closing and I felt darkness creeping behind my back. I somehow managed to go back in. I was a long and exhausting ride; whenever I tried to leave, something dark was always waiting for me on each and every floor.

In a blink of an eye, I was in someone's apartment. I was not alone. There were plenty of people, whose faces I can't remember now. I was still wondering when my body would wake up. There were blood all over my hand from the tooth falling. A dog came to me and started licking my blood and then it became more aggressive to the point it bit my hand. Although it wasn't that bad. I felt the pain. Some guy, maybe the dog's owner, started calling the dog and she ran off.And the most haunting things started happening. I saw a girl floating near someone's head and it seemed like only I could see her. She asked "you can see me, can't you?". I did not know if I should reply her or not but I nodded my head in the end. Then she curled her lips and said "that is not good enough". As she said that, people around me started becoming faceless, black creatures and were about to attack me. I thought to myself that one can not die during sleep but it was still terrifying. I didn't know what to do, so I hit myself in the face and started yelling "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!".

Fortunately, I did manage to open my eyelids halfway; I could see my blanket. The only problem was I couldn't bring myself to move. I was concentrating very hard and managed to get out of bed but still with half open eyes. I made past my table, which is located right across my bed. Then, again I suddenly found myself in a position where I was laying just two seconds away, still looking at my blanket. I was in some kind of loop. After two to three times of struggling and feeling anxious, I woke up. Finally.