"I eat whatever I want and still have a six pack!" - Said no one ever. You can't be careless about your food when the goal is abs. Here are 4 foods you must avoid if you want a toned defined midsection.

1. ICE CREAM. It may be a tempting way to cool off in those hot summer days, but it can prevent you from building abs. Ice cream is rich in calories, artificial sweeteners and flavours.

2. REFINED FLOUR. Unlike flour sourced from wholegrain, refined flour lacks nutritional value. It spikes up your insuline, increases your sugar levels and increases the storage of fat in the body.

3. MARGARINE. It's cheaper than butter, but margarine is unhealthy and makes you gain weight because of its high calorie content. What is more. it is linked to cholesterol related health and heart problems.

4. SODA DRINKS. Unnecessary calories, sugars and additives. That's what soda drinks are. They retain water in the stomach which leads to bloating and weight gain in the midsection.

These are the biggest abs-killers, so if you want a lean core you must take some sacrifices. It is 30% exercise and 70% nutrition.
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