I'm a girl that's in love with vintage fashion, baking and a vintage lifestyle in general.

But I don't have a 50s mindset. I don't think men should pay for dinner or have to open the door for a lady. I think women are empowered enough to do so on their own. I don't believe women are weak and I don't believe we should be housewives and look cute all day.

I love independent women who study and work in men-dominated fields. Who do boxing and play soccer. I love women who don't want to be married and have kids. I love living in a place where this is possible.

When it comes to feminism I'm a radical living-in-the-future kind of woman. I want everybody to stop saying things like "She really needs a man. It's time." or "Why do you dress like a lesbian?" because wtf is this bs?

I want women to look at each other and think "Wow, I like how brave she is to dress like that/to work as this/to have this hobby." I'm not talking about liking everyone. Some women are assholes. BUT if men don't respect us, we must respect each other and leave them with no other choice. Boycott sexism.

Whether you want to look like a cute doll or a tough wonderwoman. Women are awesome, now and for all time!