First things first. I'm a nursing student from Belgium. I'm starting my final year.
The past year has been crazy, there were a few moments where I wanted to quit.
But I survived. And so can you.

The beauty about being in nursing school is the people you get to meet. I was placed to work in a mental hospital for 5 weeks during winter. I admit, I was scared. But I learned so much!
Not only about mental diseases, but also about myself.
Being in nursing school gives you experiences other students won't have.

But how did I survive?

First of all, I have amazing friends, it's a nurse thing you know, dragging each other to the morning classes. We make sure we motivate each other, I wouldn't be able to succeed without them.

Second, you need to be able to let go. some things just won't happen. So it's okay to fail one class, but not okay to give up.
It's okay to not be able to get the goddamn paper ready in time.
Trust me, we all lose our head from time to time.
But what you do with it is important.
For me it's running, a good hug, a girly movie with lots of snacks, shopping, going out,... Whatever I need to feel better at that time.

Another big tip: PLANNING. You won't get there if you don't see the bigger picture. So make sure you plan everything so you don't forget things.

Last tip: your hobby. Make sure you spend your free time, wich is a little, doing things you love. For me it's practice (I'm a 100m runner), and that's also an easy way to recharge.

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But Always remember why you started, there is so much to love about being a nurse.
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