here's a poem, it's for your entertainment so take it how you will. please give any and all feedback as i want to make my writing less shitty.


It’s fake but it’s still love
Let this ‘thing’ be real
Or else leave me but behove
Venture into my deep slow reveal
Everything i am is in your hands
You make my heart leak
Out pours the blood onto the dry land
Understand that you are what i seek
Boy, stand by my side
Under my giving arms
Take me, hand in hand, which you provide
Down to the river of my harms
Offer me redemption
You can cleanse me of my fears
Offer me salvation
Undergo the surgery of my tears
Let me float on the highs and lows of you
Obey our pain
Verify that our love is due
Every little pain
Made by me or you
Even till our love can’t remain