What can be more relaxing than a night, home, with your partner or, why not, just you, alone in bed with a blanket, ( mine is blue, Yours??? ) maybe a pizza, hot chocolate, what did you say? For me, this kind of nights are the best, when the night is rainy, is the perfect scenario.

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In a morning, I heard at the radio an interesting question about, if your life would be a movie, what type? ( drama, SF, " stressing", romance, love and so on). Just imagine, an actor or an actress, maybe those who you adore, could play your life ( I adore Chris Evans, actress are many that I like ).
Be creative, when you have a little time for you, make your own scenario, about your life as you would like to be or why not as it is now if necessary with a little retouch.
Think about it. :)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

For me, the perfect real movie is Divergent, I mean Tris and Four ( Tobias Eaton) they are the perfect couple, that love, the way they met and how much they love.
When we watch to a movie, we connect with it, we feel it, maybe we cry ( I cry at movies) we do this things because for each of us, that movie means something, and it's Ok.
Find that movie, or book, that tells you the story exactly how you want.

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Life is a stage, we are the actors.