Hello everybody!!!

Personally I have finished High School and this year I'll be a university student. My school as every other college of the place starts in middle October, but a lot of middle and high school students have already started their little annual battle.
So this article will be about school tips: how to be organized, how to stay focused on your lessons, what to wear in this period of school and maybe some light makeup wouldn't hurt anyone...

1) First of all everybody should organize everything that will be needed for school as books and school supplies. You must keep your study place tidy in that way you'll notice that you can concentrate better... You may use an agenda and keep it organized by using markers and for a busy week you can use a weekly planner... And something that may really help learning is that when you take notes (in class) keep two notebooks 1 for class where you don't need to worry about how disordered they are and 1 to copy all your notes in an organized way... This way you'll learn your lessons better.

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2) Focusing is not only to be organized in the environment you learn, but it is mostly in how you do it. How willpower do you have? Do you have enough not to touch your phone while you learn?
Well, that's one thing, but firstly before you learn or go to school you must eat and drink something, because you don't want to study with an empty stomach... That's really distracting. Second when you start your homework and learning keep your phone as far as possible, maybe in another room or you can just set a timer for how long you want to study (But without checking your phone or doing anything else).
Take a break for about 10 to 15 minutes it will relax your brain. And something else, when you do math use more pencils. If you do a mistake you can easily erase it.

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3) As about fashion, arrange as much as possible the night before, like deciding which clothes you are going to wear. That way you don't need to worry and stress about what you're going to wear in the morning. Also pack your bag the night before. Here are some outfits of this period which I think are nice to wear at school...

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These are nice and trendy, for both school and to catch everybody's eye...

4) And a last thing is that everyone of us should treat our body. Your body is what will carry you. So show your body how much you love it!!! Eat healthy, do some exercises, take a relaxing bath... You can also find or do different comfortable hairstyles. And is never to late for a little makeup ☺️

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Well, school is not easy, but if you work hard you will be able to get good grades. Just because something is hard in the beginning it doesn't mean it is impossible.
After all school isn't everything in life...
Have a nice year. ❤️