There are so many forms of storytelling, the reason fandoms exist is because we people get attached to these stories, they take our breath away, they inspire us, they make us want the improve and they make us want to be a part of something bigger then our self.

Whether you love books (Harry Potter,Percy Jackson, Hunger Games,City of Bones etc..)
Or shows (Supernatural,Doctor Who,etc.)
OrDC and Marvel Comics
or anime (Naruto, One Piece, Fairytail, Attack on Titans,Pokemon etc),

whatever you like, lets just stop judging each other, its always about the story not how the story looks, but what it wants to convey.

Just as different people understand the same concept differently when it comes to studies, we are different when it comes to understanding different forms of storytelling as well.

But we all love the stories, we all cherish our fictional characters and we see behind the powers and the fights, we see the story and we love the story.

They make reality bearable at times.

Did you know-
Alexander (yes the king of Macedon) was deeply inspired by Homer's work as a child which inspired him to become adventurous and venture towards Asia.
Homer wrote about a great Greek Kingdom on the Plain Of Troy and how it was destroyed, many scholars say that there was no such Kingdom and that the whole story was made up. Whatever may be the case, Alexander's childhood inspiration had been those stories and he had gone out of his way,while travelling, to go and see the plains of Troy.

Whatever you take as your inspiration don't be embarrassed just keep becoming a better person.