some of my collections are based around characters that I've created myself, I want to share a little bit about them all so below is a link to the collection and a brief description of the character.

Grayson Clearwater is the younger brother of Penelope Clearwater from the Harry Potter universe, he is in the same year as the golden trio and was sorted into Ravenclaw just like his sister. He is a very quiet kid with a huge imagination. He's your typical art kid but with a twist as he also has a rebellious side that isn't seen a lot. His faceclaim is Keegan Allen.
Olivia and Grace are these two best friends who end have always secretly loved each other. Grace is this fiery girl who is apart of the cheerleading team at their school while Olivia is the very supporting friend who's at every one of the games that Grace will be cheerleading at. The two have been friends since elementary school and don't confess their affection for one another until about their second last year in secondary school. Their faceclaims are Cami Mendes as Grace & Lili Reinhart as Olivia.
Aleksandra Zabini is the elder half sister of Blaise Zabini, MORE TO COME!!