The title pretty much says it all. Through this series I'll be helping you guys, to get your shit together. Whether it be for teenagers (like me), or 'adulting'. This series will help.

How ever that doesn't mean I have my life together myself. I live in Australia and nearly finished my 3rd term, before we go on a 2 week break. I still have lots of work to finish from a few weeks ago and have a few assignments due this week and the next, that I haven't even started. If you do decide to follow this series, you and me will be getting our lives set, together.

This will be focusing on just everyday things that will help now and in the long run. Not only that it will cover a wide range of things that go from beauty, fitness, and school. I'll be giving weekly tips and reviews on how they have worked for me, and could possibly be helpful for you.

So please, join me on this journey.
- Logan x