Thinning hair may simply be a fact of your family life as genetics can be a cause of fine, thin hair that falls out as you age. But it can also be a result of colouring, styling, and pulling into tight styles! As we get older hair density changes and strands become finer but you can take positive steps to keep hair looking full and healthy.

Helpful Advice

See below for some thin hair tips:

  • Keep hair clean by choosing a volumising shampoo, or a dry shampoo that adds volume to the roots
  • Use conditioner only on the ends of hair to avoid weighing down the rest of your strands
  • Get a regular salon cut to keep hair healthy – and avoid over-layering styles
  • Use products such as thickening foam to give a bouncy look after blow drying
  • Check the settings on your styling tools aren’t too high as they’ll burn fine hair
  • Deep condition weekly with masks containing omega fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • Eat a balanced diet full of proteins and vitamins to boost hair production
  • Take supplements that are proven for hair restoration and contain copper and zinc

Effective Treatments

Take a look at some rules for people with thin hair:

  • Massaging your head in the shower improves blood flow to the scalp and helps the treatment shampoo penetrate into the follicles – remember to opt for a warm shower not a hot one!
  • Blot wet hair with a soft towel after your shower as strands are most fragile when the protective cuticle is raised – make sure you use a suitable brush too
  • Colouring your hair can cause breakage and thinning – be sure to condition often and use dyes containing low concentrations of peroxide
  • Limit using styling tools to two or three times a week – hot temperatures damage the cuticles, disrupt the moisture balance, and makes hair more prone to breakage
  • Crash dieting is not advised as this forces the body to direct its energy away from making hair – anorexia is actually one of the top symptoms for severe hair loss
  • Don’t use long-lasting hols styling products – these are high in alcohol which makes hair dry and brittle, and the residue can cause the hair to break and fall out
  • Scratching your scalp may result in hair loss due to damaged cuticles – relieve any itches with treatment shampoos that contain tea tree oil, selenium, or zinc pyrithione
  • Stay out of the hot sun – exposure to UV rays eat away at the strength and elasticity of your hair resulting in brittle hair and hair loss

Professional Help

Search online for a reputable hair salon that offers treatment for thinning hair. Qualified stylists are experts in choosing styles that are particularly suitable for fine hair, and provide luxury treatments to maintain hair between salon visits. A stylist that understands fine hair will cut away any breakage and damage and find a cut that enhances your face, and gives you that extra confidence on a daily basis!