Hey Guys! I might not have "perfect" skin but my skin is pretty clear. People always ask me how I keep it so clear. To be honest I break out on my forehead sometimes but thats when I'm stressed, or if I drink milk. I found out that milk breaks out my skin so I switched to drinking almond milk and I've seen a huge difference in my skin. I also struggled with pores but I've found something that helped me with that. So here are some tips on clear skin. (Not everything that works for me would also work for you cuz everyones skin is different)

Drink Lots Of Water

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I know people always say drink water but trust me, drinking water makes a BIG difference in your skin and also, drinking water is good for your entire body. People say they don't like the taste of water so if you don't, then you can add Lemon, or mint to make it taste better. I personally love water and thats actually what I drink most, I cut soda and juice out of my diet years ago and that was the best decision of my life. Bye yourself a water bottle and fill it up as many times u can everyday, a gallon a day is the goal.

Try To Stay Away From Salty Foods

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This is probably the hardest thing for me! I love salty foods and I slip sometimes and eat fries or crackers but when wake up with puffy under eyes I regret it so much! Salty food can cause you to get puffy around your eyes or even make you break out.

Wash Your Face

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Taking time out of you day to clean your skin is important when it comes to clear skin because it gets all the dirt off your face and you feel fresh after. People including myself usually do this in the morning and before bed. My personal favorite face wash is Raw African Black Soap. Wash your face EVERYDAY


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When you exfoliate your skin you remove all the dead skin and makes your skin smooth. Don't do this everyday but so it at least once a week. You can exfoliate with a spin brush, facial scrub, or use exfoliating gloves. Once agin DON'T DO THIS EVERYDAY!


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Your skin needs to be moisturized daily, If you don't your skin could get really dry and start peeling. You can use several different moisturizers My Favorite thing to use for moisturizing is aloe vera, it could be used for so many things! check out this aritcle below to see what else aloe vera could be used for!


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If you have oily skin like I do, then toners are a must! It gets rid of all the oil but also gives you a deeper cleanse and even outs your kin tone. The BEST toner is Witch Hazel it works like magic I SWEAR!

Face Masks

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Face masks are fun but also extremely good for your skin, it helps hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. Doing a face mask at least once a week can be helpful when it comes to clear skin and its also refreshing.


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Attention guys and girls! YOU NEED YOUR SLEEP! not getting enough sleep could cause bad skin and nobody wants that. so please please please get enough sleep, get off you phone or stop whatever your doing and go to sleep, get your 8 hours.

Thats it for this article! I really hope that helped at least a little. Follow for more articles and check out my other articles. Also give me feedback thank you sm love! have a great rest of your day!