This summer had a horrible start. I lost one of my best friends.
I was eating dinner with my boyfriend when one of my friends called me. Because I was eating I didn't wanna pick up. Like 2mins later she called me again, so I got scared it was important and she needed me.

I picked up.
"Maybe you need to sit down" she said.
I walked to the hallway so my boyfriend couldn't see or hear me anymore.
"Yeah I'm good, why are you calling me?" I asked, because we never called, we just talked trough Facebook and meet each other in the group.
"Maya is dead, they found her this morning." she told me, calm like it wasn't true.
I honestly couldn't and didn't want to believe it. Until it hit me. At age 20 I lost one of my best friend. She died. And it took A MONTH before the doctors found out what caused her death.

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"Are you joking, this can't be true, I spoke to her yesterday." I answered and thought about our last conversation.
Then I broke.
I started crying and I was sitting on the stairs when my boyfriend walked in to ask why I hadn't return to the table.
I couldn't even speak.
I was just sitting there, still on the Phone because I couldn't get the words out to say goodbye.
My whole world crashed.
Everyone has that one person they tell good news to, that one person they wanna talk to when things are bad...

She was my person. And I lost her.

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