Life can be hard. Especially when you're trying to balance between college and sports. Days can be long, VERY long. I go to class around 8 in the morning en don't come home unti 9 in the evening after practice.

One thing I can tell you: IT IS ALL WORTH IT.

The past year was my first really succesfull year.

I had a good year in nursing school, got permission to study abroad in my last year wich is coming up, NOW.
I got to meet such great people when I was working in a mental hospital, I really fell in love with the place, so I want to graduate this year as a psychiatric nurse.

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As a sprinter, I can't complain as well. I opened my season almost half a second faster than the year before, wich is A LOT over 100m.
That time was even good enough to get me to nationals. So next Sunday I'm running my first national championships!

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BUT it took a lot of work and free time to get those results. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing all of this, obviously I'm not a big talent or you wou've heard about me by now, but I'm truely in love with my sport. And my future job.

On the days when you're on the edge of a mental breakdown because you feel like you can't do this anymore, let someone remember you why you love it so much. Give yourself the chance to fall in love all over again.
You can't live a life like this if you don't love everything you do.

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