So, hey! I was bored so I decided to try this.
This is a 30 days challenge, I don't know if I'm going to accomplish it but let's give it a try.
I invite you to do it if you're bored too.
Here goes day 1:

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

- I'm from Argentina.
- I'm 21 years old.
- I study systems engineering. This is my third year.
- I really like my carrer. I aspire to be a great programmer. But, to be honest, I'm really tired of the routine. I usually think that we spent 20 years of our lives studing at school (etc), and all those years are the same and all those years we have to study half or more things that we don't like. I'm not saying that is not necessary, but after all this time it is tiring. So I'm waiting to finish my carrer and finally be free, (I intend to work as freelancer).
Ok that was long.
- Some things I would like to do before new year: buy a ukulele and learn how to play it, get a tattoo (a second one), dye my hair to platinum blonde, go to the gym haha, etc.
- I'm really excited because today I found out I passed a really hard exam and because this wednesday (today is monday) I'm going to start a german course.
- Things that I really like: languages, animals (especially dogs), eatting haha, listening all kind of music, reading books
- I'm an introvert. And for the first time I'm actually struggling with that.
- I have two dachshund dogs.
- Some of my favourites series: GOT, skam, the walkind dead, narcos, friends, cougar town, etc
- Books: one that I recently read and I loved: It ends with us. Two that I'm currently reading: When Dimple met Rishi and The Upside of Unrequited. And my all time favourite: ACOMAF!
- My favourite color for clothes are black, grey and white.
- 80% of my time I spend it watching Youtube.
- My favourite youtuber is ElRubiusOMG.
- Two months ago I travelled to Cuba. I really really loved it. It is a beautiful country and it has beautiful beaches.
- I want to visit as many countries as I can.
- 98% of my time I spend it listening music.
- Right now I'm obsessed with Khalid. American teen, awesome album.
- I would really like to start wearing make up, but I never do.
- People usually tell me that I'm quiet. But as Stephen King said, quiet people have the loudest minds. And I completely agree with him.
- I really hope to live an adventurous, happy and full of stories life. No matter how cliche that might sound haha.
- I spent one hour writing this. Pretty good I might say.

So, that's all. I kinda enjoy writing some of my current thoughts. I never do it, so I hope to continue this :)
Once more, I invite you to do it too.