I love music! And I especially like sad songs! (who doesn't!) Anyways I thought I would share a list of some of my most favorite sad/emotional songs that i think you should listen to!

1) This is Gospel By Panic At The Disco
(P!ATD is my fav & i highly recommend checking their music out)
"If you love me let me go! 'Cause these words are knives and often leave scars! The fear, the fear of falling apart!"

2) Idfc By Blackbear
"Tell me pretty lies. Look me in the face. Tell me that you love me even if its fake. 'Cause I don't f*cking care. At all!"

3) My Immortal By Evanescence
"When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears. And I held your through all of these years."

4) Nicotine By Panic! At The Disco
"I taste you on my lips and I can't get rid of you! So i say d*mn your kiss and the awful things you do! You're worse then nicotine!"

5) Halo By Beyonce
"I found way to let you in! But I never really had a doubt. Standing in the light of your halo, I've got my angel now!"

6) If I Were a Boy By Beyonce
"If I were a boy! I think I could understand! How it feels to love a girl! I swear I'd be a better man! I'd listen to her! 'Cause I know how it hurts!"

7) Pretty Hurts By Beyonce
"Pretty hurts! Shine the light on whatever's worse! Perfection is the disease of a nation! Pretty hurts! Pretty hurts!"

8) The A Team By Ed Sheeran
"It's too cold outside. For angels to fly! Angels will die! Closed eye. And hoping for a better life. This time, we'll fade out tonight."

9) Grand Piano By Nicki Minaj
"Am I just a fool. Blind and stupid for loving you. Am I just a silly girl? So young and naive to think you were..."

10) Lies By Marina and the Diamonds
"I don't want to admit that we're not gonna' fit. No I'm not the type that you like! Why don't we just pretend?! Lies! Don't wanna' know!"

11) For The Love of a Daughter By Demi Lovato
"Don't you remember I'm your baby girl? How could you push me right out of your world? LIe to your flesh and you blood."

12) Prom Queen By Molly Kate Kestner
"God save the Prom Queen! Teenage daydream! Just another dressed up heartbreak! God save the Prom Queen! Only eighteen!"

13) Hurts So Good By Astrid S
"When it hurts. When it hurts so good. Do you take it? Do you break it off? When it hurts. When it hurts so good. Can you say it?"

14) Lay Me Down By Sam Smith
"You told me not to cry. But the feeling's overwhelming. It's much too strong. Can I lay by your side! Next to you, you!"

15) Save Me By Nicki Minaj
"This time won't you save me! This time won't you save me! Baby, I can feel myself giving up, giving up! This time won't you save me!"