Hello everyone, today I decided to write for the first time, and my first article will not be about me, nor my favorites, nor my facts, and it maybe not be the best article in the world, but it really is worth read this, I'll write about things that, maybe they are much more important than any of those words, it's about life. Life simply that, that it makes us feel alive, and I would like to make you some questions: what motivates you? What inspires you to continue living it for the rarest and most unstable days?

Well, for me, an important part of feeling this way, feeling good, is to be able to feel the water, yes I know that if it sounds the strangest thing in the world but it is like that, simply the sea with only three letters but at the same time it contains so many emotions, small grains of sand crisscrossing my feet, the sun glowing burning between the edge of the blue sky and the sea, but there he salutes us and we underneath watching the wonderful sight, we will never forget and the one we will always miss with the hope of staying there feeling the life beyond, the true life away from the city, of the departments of technology, separated from the world but at the same time being mainly part of that, of the unique nature, the real, the original.
the life under water that they say is more tasty and also say that in the sea you loves much more.

Hugs and Kisses
With love