Hello loves,
Summer is over, fall is coming and we are going back to school! But do no panic, here is a playlist that will keep you happy and help you go through the first month of school and the beginning of fall 💕

1. Corners of the earth-Odesza
2. Puzzle of us- Vasser
3. Daydream- Milk and Bone
4. Thin floors and ceilings- Odesza
5. Fool's paradise -Xylo
6. Iplayyoulisten- odesza
7.Stay with me-Chanyeol and Punch
8. Dancing thru it- Mr Hudson
9. Silence-Marshmello ft khalid
10. Shotgun- Gallant
11. Home- Roy Kim
12. Outro- G-Dragon
13. Sign of the times- Harry Styles
14. keep it from you- Glades
15. Love- Lana Del Rey