Today's the birthday of one of my best friends. We studied junior and high school together and, even though we grew apart a bit during college (678 km aprox), we've remained to stay in contact for the past four years. Last May she invited me to her college graduation and I cannot express how happy I felt for her and grateful for being part of it.

There might be sometimes when you stop talking with a friend; everyone has different activities, start knowing new people or simply life keeps getting busier. But, if both of you truly appreciate your friendship, don't worry, because the moment you text them you'll feel a lot better, at the end, he/she is someone with whom you've lived great part of your life with and for sure have experienced infinite memories. If a long time has gone without communication, don't wait! A simply hello isn't that hard to text ...

So here's for long distance friendships who will keep a special part of you forever.

Happy 1/7..