Hey Guys! I saw some people do articles giving facts about themselves, and I thought I'd try it out! I've been on We Heart It for a year and I've never really started maintaining it until now, so let's say this is the "beginning" of my account, lmao. Anywayyyy, here's 13 reasons why I'm not cool! (like that pun. That honestly should be Number One)

1.) My favorite colors are blue, purple, and black.
2.) My favorite food is cheese fries.
3.) My favorite actress is Jennifer Grey and my favorite actor is Corey Feldman.
4.) I'm from the sunflower state! (For those of you who don't know, the sunflower state is Kansas) And no, we don't get 500 tornadoes per day.
5.) My top 3 favorite movies are The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off!
6.) I prefer older music from the 1940s-1980's rather than new music. I'm sorry I don't like listening to songs about drugs and twerking :)))
7.) "We're all just flesh and blood" is my favorite quote, and it was said by River Phoenix.
8.) I hate "emo" bands like TOP, P!ATD, and MCR. I do really like Paramore and The 1975 though!!
9.) I actually hate swimming.\
10.) I'm probably the most sarcastic/sassy person you'l ever meet.
11.) I think scary movies are hilarious, except for Annabelle, Chucky, and The Conjuring.
12.) I absolutely hate cheese.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! I love you all :)