Hi everyone!
I'm so happy you guys enjoyed my last article! I love this new feature on WHI and I love to write, so I'm excited to use this as an outlet for all my ideas! So please continue on for a 5 different topics all in one Instagram Guide created by me!

Disclaimer: The tips below are my personal opinion and how I prefer to use Instagram. Instagram is a super creative platform with tons of freedom to post whatever you want, so use it however you please!

First off,
I'm going to share with you my go-to apps for editing!
My favourites are Afterlight and Lightroom Mobile!

Afterlight ($1.39 CAD) is a super easy-to-use editing app I use on a fairly regular basis. It has lots of cool features like grain, fade, highlighting tones, adding mid tones, choosing a shadow tone, and lots more.

Lightroom (Free) is a more complex app I use for all of my Instagram posts. Lightroom is also available on desktops. It allows you to create albums (Which comes in handy when I'm editing pictures from a photo shoot). You can also use presets, adjust colours, add lens correction, and adjust curves to name a few features. I suggest using Lightroom for users looking for more advanced editing options on mobile.

More popular apps include VSCO and Snapseed.

Here are some of my tips on how to keep a consistent feed:
DO: Choose colours for your theme that you see everyday. For example, if you live in Utah, try avoiding a colour scheme including lots of ocean blues. This makes it harder for you to post as you're not around the ocean all the time.
DON'T: Choose a theme consisting of a few colours. You don't want to be restricted to only posting photos of that colour (Unless that's the look you're going for)
DO: Try multiple editing apps (Read above for some options) to see what you like best! I know that most people use VSCO, but I personally prefer Lightroom.
DO: If you're looking for a very consistent look, choose 1 or 2 similar filters and apply them to all of your future posts
DO: Use natural lighting! This will give your photos the most realistic, high quality, and more detailed images!
DO: Look up theme ideas on Pinterest and Vsco editing tutorial accounts on Instagram for inspiration

Some Ideas for feeds:
-minimalistic feed
-black and white feed
-flatlay theme
-white or black border theme
-white background theme
-tropical theme
-colour block theme
(My personal theme is a mix of black and white images and coloured ones!)
-Be sure to check Pinterest and WeHeartIt for more inspiration on Instagram theme ideas)

Planning your Instagram feed:
While editing and taking your photos can be fun, planning out your feed can be too. Try downloading the free app 'UNUM' to help plan out your feed. This app allows you to upload photos from your camera roll once you've connected your profile on the app. You can switch and place images super easily to make it easier on deciding which pic to post!

Some of my favourite Instagram accounts include:
@goldencapsule (Posts beautiful custom collages)
@jacimariesmith (Posts travel and lifestyle images)
@gracemoryv (Photographer)
@brooklynhawaii (Photographer)
@caitlinnorthlewis (Model, posts mostly lifestyle images)
@jaquory_lunsford (Photographer)
@inspohood (Posts quotes and lifestyle images)
@modelsup (Tropical and lifestyle)
...Just to name a few :)

And remember, at the end of the day, as much as our generation obsesses over social media, Instagram is just an app and you should have more fun with it than you should stress out about it!

So that's my complete guide to all things Instagram!
If you're interested, my Instagram is @caitlin.peters and @caitlinpetersphoto if you want to go check those accounts out :)
Thanks for reading!

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