This is driving me crazy why can't i get over you
you keep popping in my head and the memories that we shared come and then i wonder what would happen if i would've acted different would it change and would you have stayed longer

but i just couldn't do that cause i knew you where just using me for your problems but i let you
i knew i was just there as temporary
now I'm the one in pain cause now i wonder
and you don't care

you look so happy with her
even though she is the worst and you deserve so much better than that
but oh well

the worst part is you don't see it
but i don't expect you to either I'm so good at hiding things know one could ever see it

I've tried so hard to get over you but i just can't
ugh this is just to crazy for me

everything that I'm feeling is because of you the pain and everything in between but yet I blame myself for everything
i guess the reason why can't forget you it cause you where different you cared about the little things and you where a gentlemen
I've tried so hard to forget but i just can't
I've tried to take you out of my life but then you show up
stop stop i don't want you anymore but yet deep inside i do
you don't but yet i do
at this point i don't know what to do anymore
im miserable and alone
just please leave i can't take it any longer