hi beautifuls

I was deciding what topic to write about this week while listening to 98.1 CHFI and then I was like "omg music" and here I am!

I fricking love music ! I'm the type of person who will not leave the house without my earphones because I need to listen to music. I feel really empty without them.
ANYWAYS, so heres a list of artists I ADORE, my favourite song or album from them and why I like them. My favourites vary, and don't hate me if we don't share the same opinion .

starting with my cover photo, the amazing, the sexy...
Song: Joy, Break From Toronto
I saw this beautiful man in November 2016, when he came to Rebel in Toronto, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, he is extremely sexy and his voice makes him 10x sexier. Joy is one of his slower songs, but its so beautiful and I love Break From Toronto because like Toronto and I also know the entire song by heart lol.

I can't just pick one song from the 6god (cringe)
I love Drake so much, like its to the point that every time he's comes up in conversation my boyfriend gets mad and bullies him :( Drake is probably my favourite rapper, his music is amazing and HE IS SO HYPE AND SEXY TOO. I saw him when he came to Toronto with The Weeknd for his Starboy tour and he came out and I have a full video of me screaming like a 10 year old girl seeing the Jonas Brother's or sum.

Every song from this man is AMAZING. All my Toronto boys, so fucking proud. THIS MAN IS ALSO A GIFT ! He is so damn fine and he is so sexy. Omg, so I saw him live when he came here for his Starboy tour (like I said above) and it was amazing. He's an incredible performer. One of his best songs is Angel from Beauty Behind the Madness; one of his slower songs again, but still so beautiful and my fave.

Song: Nights, Golden Girl
Frank Ocean is so amazing, words cannot describe my love for his voice and his looks and wow. Like I first started listening to him when Blond came out (I'm sorry, fake fan, I know) and I was so shook. Like his voice was so beautiful, it made me cry. His music is so nostalgic and makes me feel some typa way.

Song: Love Galore (basic)
I lofted on SZA; like I contemplated on if I really wanted to listen to her music for a while and then I was like fuck it. HER VOICE IS SO PRETTY. She is also very beautiful. Her music, in my opinion, all of the songs have a similar sound. I don't mind it though because like they all sound so nice and the lyrics are cool.

Song: Saved
SO I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO ALL OF KHALID's MUSIC. Like, I lofted on him too. I love his voice though. My boyfriend says he sounds like a black- country singer, but like yeo I love it. I don't know if ya'll have heard his song with Calvin Harris "Rollin'", that shits so good, like hop on that train yeoooo

I FRICKIN LOVE THIS MAN. Like he is firstly, superrr sexy. He sings and also makes beats and such. Not gonna lie, edm is also amazing. He is one of my favourite dj's and his new album is SOOOO GOOD. Like I love every single song on that thing holy guac.

Noticed how I put Taylor right after Calvin (yikes). My very unpopular opinion, but I LOVE TAYLOR. Like I have loved her since 2010 man. I am a huge fan of hers. I know almost everybody hates her and what not, but like I don't and her music is pretty darn good. HONESTLY THOUGH, her new music she is making right now, I don't like. LIKE, 1989 was sooo good and like all her previous albums, but like this is hella switch up. I'm down to listen to all her new shit though. TBH IF U ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HER LYRICS THEY'RE SUPER BEAUTIFUL AND LIKE HELLA RELATABLE.

Omg Lorde, my girl she is incredible. HER MUSIC IS SO GOOD. Like both of her albums are so great. They make me think of the fall time and good times. I love her so much. She is such a unique artist and her sound is very different. She is so young and so creative. She is so talented omg. HER SONG RIBS IS LIKE SUPER SAD TO ME AND IT LIKE MAKES ME SAD , BUT ITS SO GOOD

Okay firstly, I may have a boyfriend and such, but Bruno Mars is the sexiest man alive and I'd do so many dirty things to him LOL. GUYS I CAN'T WITH HIM, he is literally so fucking attractive holy crap. I'm so in love with him physically and then hIS VOICE IS THE CHERRY ON TOP. His voice is so beautiful, all of his songs are so amazing and so romantic. He's so perfect omg.

My exboyfriend introduced me to Hoizer and like theres a certain song that I can't listen to without thinking about his ugly ass (even tho we're still good friends) and like that shit makes me mad. BUT I LOVE HOIZER AS WELL. His music is so beautiful and soothing. I need this man to release new music. His voice is so powerful and one of a kind. He is an incredible singer, I especially love his longs "Better Love", "In a Week" and "Cherry Wine". DONT SLEEP ON HOIZER GUYS.

DONALD GLOVER MY MAN. He's also so sexy. I remember in grade 9 my friend was like, listen to his music and I was like no stfu (not literally) and then I did listen and HOLY CRAp. I know all of 3005 by heart, no joke. He's such a good rapper and honestly I like his old music better. Awaken, My love was an OKAY album. Like most, I only liked Redbone. It was very different from his previous music so yeah. But he's still amazingg.

SO, as much as I'd love to type more, I have history homework to do an like I gots to finish it. Hope you guys liked my music taste and maybe have a listen!