i know we're not even past halloween yet but i'm already so ready for christmas so here's my wishlist ♡

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a fur coat ♡ to live out my true joanne the scammer fantasies

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canmake eyeshadow palettes ♡ these are so cute and i love the colors

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new bedding ♡ i just need a room renovation so bad

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copic markers ♡ i've gotten back into art and i want to start doing colored portraits

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full length mirror ♡ i don't know if i could live life as vain and self-centered as i am without one of these

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velvet bell bottoms ♡ so i can be a true disco queen

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an "angel" necklace ♡ it's what i truly am

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pink instax camera ♡ i love taking pictures of things but i'm not about to pay 70+ dollars

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wildfox gift card ♡ idk if these exist but wildfox is so overpriced yet they have my favorite clothing designs in the WORLD so i need one

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a mustard yellow sweater ♡ i just need something in this color, it's so cute but i can never find it in my size :(

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200 cigarettes dvd ♡ all of my online friends keep telling me to watch this movie and i can't find it ANYWHERE so i guess i'll just ask for it on dvd

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black cold shoulder top ♡ i've been wanting a shirt like this ever since 2014 when i saw brian molko wearing it in a music video

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