Time as been flying and some of you are already at school/university and I bring you guys an article that I hope it will help you.
Time to writte about studying tips...


room, pink, and home image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
(Good light is half way to have success in your studying)


book, school, and college image study, school, and desk image
(Organization is very important because no one can study if his study place is in a mess)


study, girl, and coffee image girl, study, and apple image
(Make yourself comfortable while studying, If you are on your comfort zone that means that you have more chances to win your battle)


notebooks, study, and spotify image girl, autumn, and legs image
(Everyone knows that music help us concentrate and focus on what we are doing, use it)


coffee, drink, and chocolate image coffee, iphone, and study image
(Some bottles of coffee and we are ready to stay up and study hard)


food, cozy, and macbook image 17, beer, and edge image
(Make some pauses, watch a movie, eat something, check your social media, rest a little and then you will be able to start again)

So this was today´s article hope you like it.
I really wanna thank you guys for helping me with the article ideas, this one was @Enucaramona889 idea, Thank you sweetie <3