Perfection does not exist, it is impossible to become a perfect human being. You grasp the idea that everything needs to be perfectly done and while trying to be perfect, you will lose yourself along the way. What I am trying to say here is to embrace the person you are with all your imperfections and mistakes. Life is all about making mistakes and when you do, make sure to fall, cry when you need to, wipe out your tears, and stand up stronger than ever.

IT IS OK to make mistakes.
IT IS OK to not always have it together.
IT IS OK to show that weak side of yours because that makes you UNIQUE.

We are all broken and made mistakes in some way, but what makes it extra special is how we can try and try and try until we can improve and overcome anything that life may throw our way. Some people may have it even harder, but what matters is to never give up and just become a better person than you were yesterday.