01) Scent Of a Woman (1992)

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Scent of a Woman is one of my favorite movies. Al Pacino acts like a truly blind man. Nobody considers 'Scent of a Woman' as a classic cult, but it probably will become one. I totally love this movie and that's all I can say about it.

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02) Some Like it Hot (1959)

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This is for sure the best character that Marilyn Monroe ever played. This movie has a different kind of comedy that we do not have nowadays. Forget about White Chicks, this piece of art is way different from that (even though both of them include men dressed as women). This is the right movie to break the prejudice against black and white films.

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03) Atomic Blonde (2017)

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OMG!! I watched this masterpiece recently and I can't believe what I saw. That scene on the stairway was a orgasm for my eyes. It is so beautiful yet so rude and cruel. Charlize proved she was a good actress in action movies when she starred 'Mad Max' and 'Aeon Flux' (this one is not good, but she did a great job in a terrible movie). Atomic Blonde is her apex.

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