Hello everyone
So I have a playlist on Yutube and, altough is a bit hard to define, is music that I listen in different occasions and I relate them with the time I listen to those songs. Is only one playlist but I (mentally) divide it by sections. I'll be publishing those sections. (An example, one of those sections are the songs that I listen on the first party I went, in winter)
This are the first songs, very popular but I still wanted to share them.

1. Karma Chameleon-Culture Club
2. Heart of Glass-Blondie
3. I want to break free-Queen
4. Under pressure-Queen ft David Bowie
5. Girl just want to have fun-Cyndi Lauper
5. Magic-Pilot
6. Donna-Ritchie Valens
7. Mrs. Robinson-Simon and Garfunkel.
8. Uptown Girl-Billy Joel
9. We didn't start the fire-Billy Joel
10. Piano Man. Billy Joel
11. All the love in the world.The Outfield
12. Your love- The Outfield
13. Don't stand so close to me-The Police
14. Do you think I'm sexy?- Rod Stewart

This are the songs I used to listen in my childhood, so when I discover Youtube I started this playilst (that's why they are very popular and basic songs). Is very short but the rest will be longer.

Enjoy it c: