I'm a diamond rocket thrown in the blue see . Everyone's looking for me . Everyone's praying God to find me . Some will dive in seeking for me . But they wouldn't find me because I'm heavy and ahead . The water is scratching my surface as I head down . But I can't feel anything .
When I touch the cold and the stiffen sands beneath me the hole place lightens up . I'm the light .
I can't feel the raw . I can see through the darkest . I can't taste the bitterness . I can smell the insanity my skin smells like . I can't hear his lips yawning for the loss .
his lips , his lips , his lips .
He thought he can have me forever keeping his strong fist closed firmly on me . But he forgot that a smallest tickle on his palm can sand his fingers off duty .
Diamonds never asked to be cutted up and reshaped to steel the eyes attention . Diamonds never asked to lay on our fingers . The fingers who once have wittnessed or been caught up doing dirty things . The fingers who wandered the forbinned roads they're not allowed to .
people have never showen iterest in breaking a diamond and see what's in . Maybe because they thought it would be an awful loss . They just wanted to travel their eyes on the shades , angles , and the shapes the diamonds had careful not to get blinded by the brightness . That explains why nothing can break a diamond into pieces . Why diamonds are strong .
Because no one would want to break a diamond . No one can break me . No one can purify his love putting me against my will in the hands I'd rather never to be in .
No one , even the man I crave the most in the world . I'll kill him if I needed to . Seeing him tripping in the thick beautiful red is better than giving myself to him .
Maybe if he asked . If he asked me about what I wanted , what I needed .
I needed love . I needed him to provide my flesh with the freshness that only love can give . I needed him as a friend . I wanted to be his friend . Friends stand for eachother . I was ready to give him anything he needed . I told him though .
Just because I said I'd die for him it didn't include pushing my pureness , my innocence and my white thoughts off a cliff
I was ready to be with him , to wipe the mubness taking over his lips and form it into the most beatiful smile in the world .
I tried my best , but his happyness wasn't floating in the ocean of my heart nor was lost in the mazes of my mind .
His happyness lied in the hills and the mountains of my unacsesseble body parts .
written by A-S.K
-Journey to Home .