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🔸Pick the right notebook.
You do not need a fancy notebook to bullet journal. Simply select a notebook with lined pages that you can easily transport from place-to-place. Moleskin notebooks work well.

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🔸Create an index.
You will be writing numbers on each page of your journal. Your index will help you track which sections fall on which pages. The first blank spread, meaning the first two blank pages that fall side by side, will be your index. To start, all you have to do is write "Index" on the top of both pages.

🔸Make your future log.
Flip to the next blank spread in your journal. This will be your future log. Your future log is a way of getting a bird's eye view of tasks you need to complete within the next six months. It will include a month-by-month breakdown of events, tasks, and goals.

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🔸Write the name of the next six months in each section.
For example, if you're starting your bullet journal for the new year, you would write, "January" in the first box, then "February," and so on.

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🔸Add a monthly log. Flip to the next blank spread in your journal. This will be your monthly log. It gives you an overview of a given month. Start with the current month and write the name of this month on the top of both pages.

On the left page, write down every date of the month. After you finish, write down the abbreviation of the day of the week next to the number. For example, you would write "January 1st, Sun."
On the right page, jot down your task list for the month. Using bullet points, make a list of all the goals you hope to complete, any bills you have to pay, and any deadlines you need to meet.

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🔸Update your index.
When you're done, write page numbers on the corner of each page. Flip back to your index and add your monthly log to your index. For example, "January Monthly Log... 3-4."

🔸Add a daily log.
Flip to the next blank spread and write today's date on the top of the page. Use small bullet points to write down things you need to do that day, tasks you completed, and anything else of interest that occurred that day. Use as many lines as you need to log your daily activities. When the day ends, make a new entry the line below for the next day.

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