I always struggle to answer questions like "what's your favorite genre?" and "who's your favorite artist?" because my musical taste spans from old school jazz, to hip-hop, classical ( yes, you read that right) , neo-soul, rock and literally anything that sounds good! The list is endless.

I appreciate creativity and get so excited when I find artists who are not necessarily known by everyone/ main stream.
In no particular order, here is a list of the female artists I currently listen to:

Ari Lennox

Temporarily removed

Jhene Aiko

Image removed Mature image

Noname Gypsy

noname and telefone image Image removed


art, jungle, and relationships image art, every, and way image


black girl, music, and sza image black girl, blue, and ctrl image

Erykah Badu

Abusive image Image by J

Lianne la Havas

Image by Phumelela Kula


pink, house, and solange image beauty, hair, and hairstyle image


Image removed alive, beauty, and crazy image

Hope you enjoyed it!!