okay, so today we started rehearsing for our school musical debuting in November, I had always helped out and have became great friends, even best friends with the cast. Our all-school musical is Beauty and the Beast and My friend Chloe got the lead as Belle and John as the Beast and Cooper as Gaston. Well for everyone else but Cooper and a few ensemble members, it was their second or third year auditioning.

I have known Coop for about 5 years and always thought he was cute but he was a complete hard-shelled introvert. He was nice and we always laughed a lot because we have the same sense of humor. We aren't awkward, very relaxed even. My friends always ask me if we were together because of how much we talked and that we were so comfortable around each other, but that wasn't the case and I laughed it off.

I never thought he would even try out because I didn't imagine he liked these kinds of things, but I'm happy he's apart of our group now. Coop didn't know anyone at first so he sat by me and we laughed and talked for the whole time until he had to go on stage. I felt something strange when I was with him but I brushed it off like i just hadn't eaten anything that day, but when i heard him sing I got thousands of "butterflies" in my stomach as some people would describe it.

My head has been hurting all day trying to make something of what I'm feeling and I feel sick and nervous and excited all in one. He came to rehearsal today and I'm doing homework on my laptop and he sat next to me and laid his head down on my shoulder and I didn't move a muscle because I didn't want it to end. I kept thinking how i would love for this to be the new normal and have this all the time. then i thought, did i just day LOVE?

No, I'm sure said LIKE? I can't be feeling love right? I don't even know him that well enough for it to be love. We haven't been on a date and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even like me back, so why would I feel LOVE towards this guy? I feel sick, but i need your help on what to do because all of these butterflies are blinding my vision and i need back on the right track, whatever that is...