I really want to be someone, i know we are used to hear that we are already someone but honestly i don't feel that way.
If you ask me who i am, i will not tell you anything not because i don't want to tell you, but because i don't really know who i am.
This topic for me has became very hard for me to understand 'cause i have been with people next to me that they know how to refer to themselves and they can answer who they really are, but i can't.
I can't say a word about me and then i become someone i don't know.
Days before i found an image in here that said "I'm mine before I'm everyone else's" or something like this; but the fact is that i guess everybody knows me except me.

I have complained about this 'cause i have realized that it dont matter to the people, so worst to me.

Myself is the biggest mystery i will face in my life.

I'm honduran (i speak spanish) and i'm sorry if i have any mistakes in the paragraphs.