"I hope” is very positive, and yet “I will” is even more so. “I might” gets you facing in the right direction, while “I will” takes you all the way there. “I’d like to” helps you set your goals, and “I will” makes them happen. “I should” is good at nagging, yet “I will” is the master of achievement.

The words you use influence the thoughts you think and the actions you take. And the words “I will” are two of the best you’ll find when it comes to expressing, sealing and maintaining your commitment. Though words alone will not make it happen, the most positive, confident words will indeed make a difference in what does happen. A constant attitude of “I will” will always outperform an attitude of “I wish."

"I will” is clear and unambiguous. It puts the power of solid intention to work for you. At any given moment, you’re filled with energy that can make things happen, energy in search of a purpose. Saying “I will,” with sincerity and confidence, directs that energy precisely where you want it to go.
— Ralph Marston