Hi, First of all i loved this article addition here. It actually moved me to finally download WHI app and to post something without caring much.

This intense title is covering my reservation over new app Sarahah that has taken internet by storm. I ain't suspecting the app purpose itself, i'll just talk about the things we'll get out of it, especially young generation. Well i suspect elders too. Anyways this article won't get into debate of people's psyche disturbance,attention craze, dependence, unavailability of their own selves, poor understanding of life or anything like that because we had that enough, and i or nobody else can stop you to get the experience of your choice.
Now i don't give importance to people's opinions. People made opinions about you according to image you build in front of them, we all are aware of stories behind self images. They're either constructed for some advantages or forced ones, resulted into conflictual inner and outer being.

They don't know who you're because you aren't who you're actually then what's the point of considering them or whining over them. i'm not talking about doubting the intentions of the ones who give opinions or calling them responsible. I'm pointing the authenticity of opinions itself. Because i'm just awake now and there's fair possibility of questioning other elements of life too.

This is definitely not apply to everyone out their but surely to most of them who are either blind or in self discovery period'And Nothing At All Matters in this period of life but still it's better to be less Fooled. Also you'll get it when you've to get it but what if you've to seek for it.
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You're probably going to find some grammatical mistakes so if you faced any inconvenience in reading my second language then....