Hey hearters <3 How's your day going on? I hope it's an interesting one because mine definitely is.

So I'm gonna try to keep you (and me) entertained writing about my home country Bulgaria.

Bulharia what? Yeah I know you probably haven't heard it which is so pitiful. Bulgaria is a gift of the nature with its variety of flora, fauna, relief, history and many others. I don't wanna bore you so I'll keep it short and with many photos ;)

  • Location
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The red-coloured spot in the east
  • Bulgarians

We have one of the most beautiful people in the world and I'm not saying this only myself! There are many foreign travellers who say that Bulgarian are really warming and good-looking :) Oh, and also funny (how we could not be considering our tragic political system...)

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On the last pic our flag hold by a Bulgarian girl with traditional folklore clothing
  • Nature

Bulgaria has a great variety considering the nature. We have low and high mountains, caves, many rivers & lakes and the Black sea occupying the whole eastern border. Personally I prefer when colours are talking. As they say:

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

It looks like I'm gonna tell you a story :D

bulgaria image bulgaria and cave image black sea, rocks, and bulgaria image bulgaria, sky, and българия image bulgaria and bnasko image beautiful, blue, and nature image mountain, peak, and travel image beauty, mountain, and nature image

I tried not to intrude the green theme and I think I kinda succeed. To be sure you got it, Bulgaria has a lot of green everywhere. Green and blue are the main colours.

I don't to write too long article because who knows weather someone is going to read it. I don't wanna be disappointed or to dissapoint you with too much stuff to read. If this post becomes successful I will write Part 2 :)

I hope you loved it and I appreciate you reaching my final words.

You'll hear from me soon hearters <3

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