Sara again! I'm actually shocked that the last article has gotten over like ten hearts! Thank you all for giving me 75 hearts on my last 'Dear World' article!!!!! It may not seem a lot to some people but it means a lot for me, which influenced me to write 'Dear World (2)'. It's based off Sunday, mainly because I didn't have any time to get on my computer and type up everything. I was wayyyyy too tired after everything went down.

Also, before I go into the story, I will be telling you things that have happened to me in the past. I hope you can be respectful, and not say anything rude about it. Thank you :)! Here I present you, 'Dear World (2)'


Let's start off with saying, my school's football team completely crushed the other school's. We were AMAZING! It was like 19 - 3, (much like the New York Giants game yesterday). But it was great! And guess who got an invite to the after party on Sunday?! Your girl right here! Well... Honestly, I believe I only got it because I'm Blondie's best friend, but, who cares?! I just got a way to spend more time with Captain Crunch!!

(PS, if you don't know who Blondie or Captain Crunch is, I highly suggest you go look at my first 'Dear World' article.)

So, Sunday rolled around and Blondie and I headed out shopping for an outfit for the party, this is me in Blondie's car:

girl, beauty, and maggie lindemann image

And, listen up my lovely readers, I understand Maggie Lindman, (sorry if I spelt her name wrong) has similar looks, but I am not pretending to be Maggie. To be honest, I didn't even know about this girl called Maggie Lindman, until someone brought her up and accused me of faking who I am. Sorry if I look like her, but this photo of me was taken yesterday around nine in the morning. So please do not accuse me of something I'm not doing. Maybe it's the eyebrows, but I looked her up after my little "confrontation", and I guess we look alike, but we have completely different eye colors, also, I'm pretty sure she's wayyyyy prettier than me, so I don't know why someone is comparing me to someone who is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, I've had this WeHeartIt account for years now, how come all of a sudden someone tells me about this Maggie Lindman chick? How come you didn't tell me earlier and I could've fixed it then and there? To furthermore prove my point, the shirt and earrings aren't even mine. Their Blondie's! Also, let me remind you my age, I am only seventeen years old! Isn't Maggie like nineteen? Twenty? I'm neither of them, I AM SEVENTEEN.

Sorry for that rant, I just got a bit annoyed with someone accusing me of something I didn't do. I also apologise if I spelt her name wrong, I don't mean anything by it, I just want to clear up this misunderstanding. So enough with that drama, let's continue on with the story.

So, Blondie and I were walking through the mall, when I spotted a certain Captian Crunch with some little girl. At first, I was like, why is Captain Crunch hanging out with a little kid? But then I got a good look at the little girl's face and realized how much she looks like him!! And then it clicked! He has a younger sister!! My heart immediately melted! Idk if it's just me, but when I see any good looking guy with some little kid, playing around, my heart seems to melt into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West from that movie that I can't seem to remember at the moment.

I immediately pointed him out to Blondie, which was my first mistake of the day. Stick with me though, there are a lot of more mistakes I made that day. Blondie thought it would be funny to go talk to him while dragging me along, knowing how socially awkward I am.

"Hey, Captain Crunch!" (She obviously said his name, but for specific reasons, I'd rather keep his name hidden). I remember feeling my heart race and my hands get sweaty as we started walking over to him. I just kept thinking, 'what if I make an idiot out of myself?' or 'gosh why does he have to be pretty?' It would've been so much easier to talk to him if he wasn't as good looking, you get what I mean?

Anywho, taking to him was going to be a disaster.

"Oh, hey guys. You two coming to the party later?" I remember Captain Crunch asked as his little sister began to hide behind him, which was utterly adorable. She's like a smaller, skinnier version of a shy koala bear!

At the time, I had a bunch of lollipops in my wristlet, mainly because of Blondie's little brother, but also because I like lollipops. Don't judge. But as I was saying or writing, I had a bunch of lollipops in my bag. So I quickly pulled one out and squatted down, holding out the lollipop saying, "Hey, I'm Sara. You want a lollipop?"

After I said that, I realized how I sounded like a kidnapper, so I quickly shook my head. "No, don't answer that. Never take candy from a stranger. That's bad." I said as I shook the lollipop back and forth like waving a finger signalling, 'no'. But the little girl ended up laughing.

To say I was just happy, was beyond wrong. I just made Captain Crunch's sister laugh. I believed that was a huge accomplishment with my futile attempts at trying to gain Captain Crunch's attention.

The little girl, let's call her Strawberry Shortcake because at the time she was wearing a Strawberry Shortcake dress. So, Strawberry Shortcake came out and hesitantly took the lollipop, before giving Captain Crunch a glance, to which he replied with a nod.

"Say thank you, Strawberry." Captain Crunch said, lightly tapping her head. I AM NOT LYING! HE CALLED HER STRAWBERRY! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HEART MELTING WORTHY OF!

Not much longer after that, Blondie and I headed towards Mandee, which is absolutely my favourite store ever!! I love their dresses and jeans! They're amazing! I highly suggest going there if in need of some party dresses! Anywho, I ended up getting a brand new pair of ripped jeans and a new long sleeve crop top. I sorta published a picture of my outfit;

shoes, style, and heels image

But I only got my jeans and my favourite pair of heeled boots, I guess you can call them that. I'm not too great with shoes, but I do like heels. They make me feel tall when I know I'm not :(.

-I'm skipping to where all this sh*t went down, hope you don't mind-

It was a half an hour into the party. I was actually having a good time all until Monica Wesson came in. Here are a few words describing Monica Wesson;

- B*tch
- Sl*t
- Mean Girl
- Leader of the Plastics

(And if you get the quote I'm gonna put, you're my new best friend.) sorry for cursing

- "She's a scum-sucking road whore"

The whole quote goes like, "Regina George is not sweet! She's a scum-sucking road whore. She ruined my life!" Said by Janice. Okay, enough with quoting Mean Girls, I'll go on with the story.

So, Monica Wesson came into the party, looking like the biggest sl*t on the planet! And guess who she went straight to? If you guessed Captain Crunch, You're correct!

She literally sat on his lap and pat his chest saying flirty comments -eye rolls-. I suddenly felt sick, so I told Blondie that I was going to head home because I wasn't feeling good, but obviously, Monica had other plans.

"Sara! Where are you going?! You're leaving already?" She asked, putting everyone's attention on me. Captain Crunch shoved Monica off of him asking, "you're leaving?"

I would've totally fainted, knowing he actually cared if I left, but I was too busy wondering what Monica was up to. So I told him I wasn't feeling well and tried to leave, but a bunch of people blocked me. I felt my heart begin to race, what the hell is going on? I kept asking myself.

"Aww, is little Sara not feeling well?" Monica asked with her voice full of fake sympathy. Blondie jumped in saying, "Monica, I don't know what the hell you're up to, but you better stop."

"Stop, isn't that what you told that man before he raped you?"

At that moment in time, I wanted to die. I still do.

When I was twelve, I was raped by a grown man who now stalks me. I know he'll end up reading this, but whatever. I DO WRITE THIS FOR SYMPATHY, I WRITE THIS TO EXPRESS HOW I FEEL, SO DO NOT CALL ME AN ATTENTION WHORE OR ANYTHING ALONG THE LINES OF THAT

It happened so quick, I didn't even know what was going on. He just grabbed me and threw me into a closet. I will not explain it anymore because I refuse to talk it about it even this much. So when Monica said that, every bone in my body froze. I felt like I was reliving it. It was horrible. I didn't even notice Blondie beating the ever living crap out of Monica. I just ran and didn't stop.

That whole night I cried. I didn't stop. I even cried most of today since I refused to go to school.

But, I just want other people who have kinda been in my situation to know that I am always here to talk. I know you may not know me, but I honestly mean it. If you ever need anything, I'm here. I may not reply right away, but I will. I Promise.

Sara Carson :)