Can we not love uggs and Starbucks without being basic.
Can we not love makeup and crop tops with being a wannabee.
Can we not love to watch TV and fantasisize about the characters.
Can we not like school, and homework.
Can we not like to go out and party, or hang out with friends.
Can we not enjoy having boyfriends and having sex.

Yes, we can but, will they allow it? We must stand together to help out fellow brothers and sisters out, to love them for there quirks and dreams, there makeup and croptops, ugg boots and all. We must set them up to win, to push them forward instead of backward. Can we please just stop seing men and women being treated like they're a cookie cutter that being different is some kind of awful thing. Cause football playing, all american boys exist but not every one's going to be like that. That some barbie girl who's a perfect cheerlreader isn't going to appear. The world does not work like that, so we should break and smash and tear our cookie cutter shapes until they no longer exsist.

Thank you so much for reading this guys and last weeks article got a TON of traffic so I want to say thank you for that. If you have any article ideas that would be so amazing. As ever please ignore me spelling and grammer errors.

Love you all,