There is a difference who i am and what i show.

So hi guys.

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I am really sorry that i didn't write anything in one week. The school started and i got in a bad place again, my depression come over again. The situation in class is different and the friend who was really good friend to me started to hangout with girl she said she will never be good to cause of things and rumors she made. She disappoint me cause i believed in her.
But it's okay. People do that. They come and leave.

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So i am on third season of skins. I don't know if you heard about it. But i really really love it.

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Skins one of my favorite

Also today i started to read 2 books.
The first is the book i need to read for school: Dante Alighieri- Inferno

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The second book is: The Harry Potter And Philosopher's Stone
I know what you are thinking. You haven't read it already.
No, I haven't. And i think it is the time to read it.

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So i realised that even if school just started i have so much assignments to do. I don't have so much free time. So i will try to find some time to write.

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Love you.