Hola, Goten Tag et Bonjour!
thank you so much for hearting my last articles and welcome to the sixth and last part of my bucketlist! when i startet writing this bucketlist i expected it to have 250 things on it, but as i started using WHI more and more, i got so inspred that the list got way longer. So if you want to keep up on my bucketlists in the future, give me a follow and a heart! I have planned lists about specific countries, ages, seasons and life in general! My biggest wish is to travel the world and these are real things that i will do everything i can to make sure i do in the little time i have here on earth. But without further due, lets get into the list.

adventure, amazing, and fjord image japan, flowers, and nature image winter and snow image summer, bed, and nature image

227. Sit on the preachers chair (prekesstolen)
228. See cherry blossoms in japan
229. Relax n a cabin
230. Sleep in an old hotel somewhere tropical

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231. Celebrate christmas ina foreign country
232. Stand on a paddleboard
233. Visit a pink beach/lake
234. Swim in a lake

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235. Eat dinner out in the wild
236. Walk in the treets of tokyo
237. Make a flower crown
238. Sit inside while the storm rages

summer, beautiful, and beach image beach, camping, and friends image Temporarily removed heart, pool, and aesthetic image

239. walk barefoot in the desert
240. Go tenting at the beach
241. Dip your toes in the ocean from a swing
242. Bath in the heartshaped bathtub

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243. Pick your own fruits and veggies from nature
244. Buy a nice bikini
245. Make a smoothie
246. Lie in a flowerfield and watch clouds

summer image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed rain, sea, and ocean image

247. go on a riverboat
248. Sleep under the stars at the beach
249. Take a bath with flowers
250. Swim in the rain