In today's busy society one can forget to pause for a moment and to deeply focus on oneself. But it is very important to make room for yourself and even if it's just for a few minutes a day since it will help to prevent burnout, stress in general and anxiety.

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A lot of people may think meditation is too esoteric for them, but actually once you really decide to try it and be neutral about it without any prejudices, it will hopefully work out for you. You don't have to be specifically spiritual or religious (I am an atheist myself), neither do you have to have certain equipment, which makes it so convenient and practical for everyone. So let's get started:

Preliminary Practice

It is always useful to start with an easy exercise, just to get you in that mindset of feeling like "Okay now I am ready to let go of any thoughts and emotions and actually start focusing on my body". This is what I would do step by step:

1. find a position that you can feel comfortable in. This can sitting on a chair or a small pillow on the floor or your bed, that doesn't matter. It is just important that you are not distracted by anything (which also means that if you feel the urge to use a bathroom... do so beforehand - everything else will it make hard for you to focus)
2. take a doubled inhalation (which means there is no pause between the two breaths) until your lungs are completely filled with air - this can take between 5-8 seconds, just give it a try; then hold your breath for that exact same amount of time; at last do a doubled exhalation, while really letting your breath go for as long as possible
3. repeat these three steps for about 5 times

Hong-Sau Meditation

In the following, I will introduce you to one possible kind of meditation that worked out for me.

1. while breathing in deeply say the word "Hong" (pronounced like in Hong-Kong, just longer: hooooooong) in your mind and while breathing out "Sau" (pronounced like saw: saaaaaaaw) and do these steps until you feel like you don't have any thoughts on your mind; if you do so certainly, that's okay - just let them pass by
2. when you get that feeling of alignment, start to let your breath come naturally and focus on it leaving and coming in through your nostrils
3. whenever you feel calmed down, you can open your eyes, but: do not return to work immediately, just give yourself some time, enjoy the silence of your mind, maybe lay a photo of something that calms you down next to you (this could be a photo of nature, your pet, a hobby - anything)

and you're done!

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A few quick tips:

  • If you suffer from anxiety in public, you can breath in, hold it and let it go for 7 seconds each action and repeat this for 5 times without pausing between breathing out and the next time breathing in - it is easily done in a restaurant, train, bus etc. and will help you to calm down
  • It is also possible to use crystals for meditation, your choice of crystal depending on what you want to feel like afterwards or what you want to achieve (there will probably be an extra article on crystals)

I hope you find some of these tips useful and try them out. Thank you for reading!