I stole this from http://weheartit.com/recklesssoul

1: What is your name
2: What does your name mean?
It means "meadow of ash trees" (I've had a poem called "by the ash tree pond" in my bedroom as long as I can remember)
3: Where are you from?
The US.
4: Where do you live?
The US.
5: What do you do for a living?
I'm a student.
6: What is your favourite colour?
White and "millennial pink".
7: What is your star sign?
Aquarius. (I'm big into astrology).
8: What is your favorite music genre?
I like everything, I mostly listen to Indie and Pop.
9: Who is your favorite musician?
It changes sooo much. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Charlie Puth (and some Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber).
10: Favorite food?
11: Favorite drink?
Sweet tea, root beer, lemon water, and iced caramel macchiato.
12: Favorite snack?
Carrots and hummus and dark chocolate.
13: Favorite holiday?
14: Favorite past time?
Reading and/or writing.
15: Favorite sport?
I don't PLAY sports but I don't mind soccer, and I love to watch highschool football.... even though I don't understand it.
16: What is something you are talented at?
Writing and singing.
17: What is something you wish you were talented at?
18: Are you competitive?
19: Describe yourself in a single sentence?
20: What is the best compliment you have ever received?
That my voice would make me famous.
21: What are some of your bad habits?
I'm quite a messy person.
22: What are your favorite things about yourself?
I.. can't really think of anything?
23: What is on top of your bucket list?
Move to London.
24: What are 3 long term goals?
Start a Youtube channel, finish college, move!!!
25: What are 3 short term goals?
Finish the book I'm writing, get healthy and fit, do better in school.
26: What are you doing today to help you achieve those goals?
I've started back eating healthy!!
27: What is your biggest accomplishment?
Finishing high school (if you read until the end you'll see why this is such a big deal to me).
28: What is an ideal first date for you?
Something relaxed but also fun. I've only ever been on one real date and we just went out to eat and to the movies, which is cool with me because I didn't feel pressured to talk.
29: What is something you look for in a partner?
Funny, honest, caring, can put up with my annoying-ness.
30: Who is your role model?
Emma Watson lol.
31: Which of your parents are you more like?
32: Which of your parents are you closest to?
My mom.
33: What is the last book you read?
Milk and Honey.
34: What is your favorite fairytale?
Beauty and The Beast.
35: What is your favorite quote?
"In the end, everything will be perfect. If it isn't perfect, it isn't the end."
36: Favorite subject in school?
History, English, or Art.
37: Subject you were best at?
38: Favorite teacher?
I don't remember.
39: Do you have a best friend, if so, then who?
Yes I do.. I met her through twitter. lol
40: Who has left the most impact on your life?
My exes (keep reading).
41: What app do you use most?
42: What piece of technology can you not live without?
My phone/Laptop.
43: What countries have you visited?
44: What countries would you like to visit?
All of them tbh.
45: What is the second thing on your bucket list?
Travel as much as possible.
46: Best memory you have?
The birth of my children.
47: Most embarrassing memory?
All of them.
48: How many relationships have you been in?
One, sorta.
49: If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?
Just keep going.
50: One thing you know now that you wish you had known as a kid?
It will be over, eventually.

OK! So, my name is Ashlyn, I'm 19 and I live in the US. A couple of the answers I put need a little explanation so I'm going to give you some back story.
When I was 15 I met who would be considered my first actual relationship, he honestly kind of sucked and was mentally and emotionally abusive, but I was young and thought it would all be ok. I lost my virginity to him when I was 16, and 4 months later I got pregnant. He left soon after that. Fast forward to the February after I turned 17, I had my son. I was finishing my Junior year of high school completely online.
Fast forward again to December and I was at a friends party and ended up sleeping with a guy I had known since we were in Kindergarten. Fast forward AGAIN to March, and I found out I was pregnant once again. I'm 18 at this point, I just finished my senior year, and my son is 1 year old.
Now, it's September 2017, I am 19.. my son is 2, my daughter (my second child) is turning 1 next week. I'm in my second semester of nursing school.
My sons father is not in the picture, my daughters is but we are not together.
This is why my biggest accomplishment is finishing High school and how my exes have had such an impact on my life.

My main reason for putting this out here is to reach out to young girls who think they want a baby, don't know how to practice safe sex, or are pregnant/have children.
I am the single, teenage mother of two children and I want to use my experiences to help people!