I feel like you can tell quite a bit about somebody through what they have in their purse. I for one have a very simple style, I tend to stick with small plain colored purses that I can wear over my shoulder. Oh, and it has to have lots of pocket options. Even though right now I like simple $20 bags, I can slowly notice that changing. For example, my mom offered to buy me a Versace backpack a couple months ago. And even though it was a REALLY gorgeous backpack, I just didn't care too much to have it nor did I see myself wearing it. But go figure, now I'm regretting it. Why did I say no? Because I'm stupid. Word of advice, do not turn down your mom when she offers to buy you something!
Anyway, what will you find in my purse? Well, hanging off the side I've got some 'fall lakeside breeze' hand sanitizer because people are gross and germs are a thing. Plus I have it in cute pumpkin holder. In my front pocket I've got some hair ties, advil, headphones, and my name tag. And in my big pocket I've got my keys, wallet, a notepad, four pens, a piece of paper with my pin number on it, and typically my phone. So yeah, that's whats in my purse. What can you tell about me now knowing whats in my purse?